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Still Reeling From A Broken House Chain?

Just suffered a broken chain in your house sale? We sympathise. It is a frustrating, stressful, and not to mention costly experience.

When any one property buyer within the chain pulls out, the sales process comes to an abrupt halt, and you have to start all over again. That is, putting your property back on the open market for who knows how long, but in this market, probably months or maybe years, that’s no underestimation!

house chain break

This whole process of selling on the open market means you are reliant on Joe Public. That’s to say you don’t really know who you are selling to, whether they have the funds in place to proceed with a sale, or whether they are just time wasters who are never going to stick to their word. It all seems very risky when you consider how important selling your home is.

broken housse chain
We specialise in helping people sell their homes to release equity by removing the uncertainty of an open market sale. This way you get a guaranteed sale and remain fully in control - you even choose a completion date that suits you. WeI offer a fee free service and pay legal fees. This means you do not have to start the sales process all over again, or fork out more money on legal costs, or worry about the possibility of a further chain break. Contact us today om 0161 08774142 let us help you from losing the home of your dreams.