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Are you thinking of selling your house fast, but are worried about the number of potential buyers out there. Do you have concerns over ‘who will buy my house?’

Then you are right to be concerned. The latest figures out by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) reports that the average time it takes to sell your property is now 22 weeks, and the number of viewings per sale is 15.

Furthermore it could be set to get a lot worse. If it is true that Britain, economically, follows America, then we are really in for a bumpy ride. The housing market across the pond fell to a 17-year low in March as the average house price dropped $16,600 (approx £8,400 at the time of writing) in a month.

buy my house fast If you are looking to sell your house for releasing equity, and need to sell fast, or simply don’t want the wait of an open market sale (that is, 22 weeks or longer!), or maybe you just don’t relish the thought of having to show people around your home at least 15 times then look no further. Simply call us on 0161 8774142 for a FREE cash offer form now.