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Sell and Rent Back - Is It Ethical?

Are you currently burdened with debt, under threat of repossession or suffering ill health? Can you no longer afford to keep up with mortgage payments, but have commitments that need you to remain local to the area? Then sell and rent back can offer a lifeline that may be suitable for you.

When you have decided that selling your house to rent back is right for you, you will then need to ensure you go to a company that offers an ethical sell and rent back solution. An ethical sell and rent back company will take time to discuss the pro’s and cons of selling this way, and will have agreements in place that both parties sign, detailing the process, and requirements of both parties. You should not be rushed into selling, nor bullied into signing anything.

ethical sell and rent back
Sell and rent back companies will offer you an average of 75% of the value of your home, subject to a RICS valuation. You will then be given the opportunity of renting back your home at an affordable cost each month allowing you to remain in your home without any upheaval, changes your childrens schools, or lengthening your daily commute to work.If you are looking to sell and rent back for releasing equitythen contact us now on: 0161 8774142.