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If you need to release the equity in your home but don’t want the costs or risks of going to an equity release company then look no further. We offer the ultimate alternative to traditional equity release schemes; however we pay more for your home than most equity release schemes, charge no fees and make the process far simpler. Our system is more cost effective than the traditional equity release scheme, and unlike most schemes it has no age limit.

Once we have purchased your home, you have the option of remaining in your home as a tenant for as long as you wish, paying market value rent. See Sell and Rent Back.

Sell House for Equity Release
We are proud to offer a service that is fast and stress-free, professional and ethical, and that guarantees that you will sell your property, often in as little as 7 days. This is the quickest and safest way to release equity in your home, so contact us now on 0161 8774142 for a Free Cash Offer.