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Selling House and Relocating or Moving Abroad

Whether you need to locate quickly for your job, or to be with family or friends, don’t waste time and money selling your house on the open market. A house on the open market could take anywhere from around three months to over a year to sell. Do you really want to waste your precious time, time that could be spent finding your dream home, showing potential buyers, not to mention the time-wasters, around your home?

No of course you don’t. Instead contact us for an instant way to release equity in house, and leave all the delays, uncertainties, and costs, of a traditional estate agent behind you.

We can buy your house quickly without the risk of a chain break, We contribute up to £500 towards legal fees, and with just one viewing necessary, there is no need to worry about keeping your property in prime condition every day, whilst you are waiting for people to come and view. We will work to your timescale so that you can leave your home as and when you are ready. So with this in mind you can start searching for your new dream home right now!

Selling House and Relocating or Moving Abroad
If you have already moved but your property has not yet sold, then you could be struggling paying two mortgages, and are likely relying on an agent to show people around your home. If this has become unaffordable for you then simply give us a call on 0161 877 4142.

If you are moving abroad and don’t have the time or inclination to wait for an open market sale we can buy your property fast. As well as a quick sale, the other advantage of selling to me is that you can instantly access the cash for your new property, yet still remain in your UK property for as long as you need. See our  Sell and Rent Back option. This may be useful whilst you are sorting out the purchase of your new property abroad. Having cash in your hand also puts you in a strong negotiating position. You also have peace of mind in that should your foreign sale fall through you still have somewhere to live. Whatever you decide to do, the timescale of the sale will be arranged around you so call us now on 0161 877 4142 for an instant house sale.