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Are you currently thinking how do I sell this house? Then join the 100’000’s of people each month who are asking themselves the exact same thing!

Due to the current property market downturn, people looking to sell their homes are now being forced to sell for much less than they had originally envisaged. Figures taken from the National Association of Estate Agents suggest that the difference between the asking price and actual achieved sales price rose and continues to widen. Unsold housing stock is also reaching record proportions.

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So what can you do about this to release equity from your home?

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Be realistic about your homes worth, and set the price accordingly, so that your home is not languishing on the market any longer than is necessary.

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What aggravates this situation even further, according to the National Association of Estate Agents, apart from tightening lending rules, is that figures also show declining numbers of buyers. It seems many are put off by the ‘credit crunch’ and current market stability. They even suggest that the number of buyers is the lowest on record, dropping constantly.