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There are many reasons why people end up having their houses repossessed, usually it is because they default of their mortgage payments or on loans secured against their property.

Easy access to credit, and rising interest rates, has made repossession a common occurrence, you only have to open a newspaper to read stories on how the number of house repossessions are now at the highest levels ever. If you happen to be facing house repossession then the very worst thing you can do is to simply ignore it and hope it will go away – it won’t. Lenders want their money back, irrespective or not of whether this makes you homeless. By ignoring it, not only do you risk losing your home, but it can prevent you from ever owning your own house again, or of taking out another loan. Few lenders would be prepared to offer money to someone who has already had their home repossessed.

Stop House Repossession and Sell Property Fast
The repossession process has several stages

  • Stage 1: Notice from the lender. You will be notified by your lender that you are in arrears and need to make payment. If they receive no satisfactory response, then they will write to you notifying you of their intention to start court proceedings. They will then apply to the court for a possession order.
  • Stage 2: Court summons. The court will write and tell you the date of the hearing. You will need to reply to this letter and seek advice on how to deal with the hearing.
  • Stage 3: The hearing. Depending upon the evidence, the judge may decide you should be evicted, or give you time to sell your property to avoid repossession, or allow you to remain in your property providing you pay the arrears in instalments.
  • Stage 4: Court order. Should you be evicted, the court order will set a date for you to leave.

However you can stop this at any time. By contacting us we can arrange to buy your house fast allowing you to obtain a stay of repossession from the court – we can even accompany you to the court hearing with evidence that the sale has already been agreed. Selling this way stops all of the worry and stress of putting your home on the market, and hoping it may be sold before you are repossessed. You may consider auctioning your property, but this too does not guarantee a house sale for equity release and you could risk losing up to 70% of your home’s value, and still being left with debts.

We can buy your property fast to help you repay your mortgage and clear any debts. This guaranteed offer will allow you to move on with your life. You can also take advantage of our sell and rent back option that allows you to stay in your property, paying market value rent. Whatever you decide call us today on 0161 8774142 and we can discuss options available to you for a Free Cash Offer NOW