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Thinking About a Sell and Rent Back?

Are you thinking about selling your home and renting it back?

This can be an ideal way of accessing the cash tied up in your property whilst allowing you to remain settled in your own home. There are many reasons for wanting to release the equity in your home, divorce, ill health and financial difficulties are but a few, and often in these circumstances you will need to act fast before the threat of repossession looms.

sell and rent back

Sell and rent back offers that quick solution in your time of need, but with the added advantage that your house remains your home. Through this process you are able to raise money fast, without the stress, costs and delays of selling on the open market. However be warned, you need to know first exactly what you are getting into, and who you are getting involved with.

sell to rent back house
So what are you getting into?

Sell house and rent back requires you to sell your house to a company that deals in sale and rent back to release equity from your home. Once the company has purchased your home, it will rent it back to you, so that you can stay in your home without having to move your family, change your children’s schools, or find the money to finance a house move. At the same time you will get the cash you need in an instant.

So who should you get involved with?

If you are thinking of a sell and rent back then make sure the company you go to offers the following:

  • A valuation that is completed by an independent chartered surveyor (RICS).
  • A valuation that is paid for by the company and not by you.
  • A fee free service.
  • Solicitor’s fees paid up to the value of £500.
  • The chance to talk through your own personal circumstances and to find a solution that suits you.
  • A totally confidential and ethical service.
  • Allows you to stay in your home for as long as you need.
  • Agrees a pre-determined market rate rent.

We can offer all the above, that is guaranteed! So if you are interested in finding out more about a sell and rent back on your own home, then call us on: 0161 8774142 now. YOu can have a no-obligation chat, and you can find out whether sell and rent back will be the best option for you. Call us to discuss your situation on 0161 877 4142.