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We Buy Ugly Houses

This is not meant to be insulting! So what do we mean by this?

Well an ugly house does not necessarily always mean a house is in need of some cosmetic upgrade. It can also refer to a house that has a large mortgage the owner is struggling to cope with, and one which is contributing to an already mounting debt. An ugly house can also be one that holds bad memories for the current occupier, such as divorce, bereavement or ill health. It can simply refer to a house that the owner no longer wants, be it too small or too big, or simply just too wrong! It may also be in the wrong area, giving the owner a long commute to work everyday, or situated far away from loved ones and friends.

buy ugly houses

Whatever the reason, if you have an ugly house for releasing equity then simply call us on: 0161 8774142 and let us release you from the constraints of an ugly house!

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